Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ultimate Travel Card? Chase Sapphire.

The Chase Sapphire card is a card designed with travelers in mind. Not only does it have one of the easiest point-for-benefit redemption systems I've encountered, but it also comes with a slew of free travel insurance coverages and nice touches like no expiration date on your points and your calls going straight to a live person.

Oh, and, the three things most important to me bonus grubbers like me: a 10,000 sign-up bonus after your first purchase, no dollar minimum on the first purchase, and no annual fee!

Chase (JPMorgan Chase & Co.)

Check Out and Apply for the Card by Clicking this Link.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards system seems to Chase taking the American Express points and ThankYou point systems and improving on them.  Like those other two, Chase Ultimate Rewards has an online mall where you can buy various products and gift certificates, but unlike those programs, you can instantly use your points to get cash back on your card.

For every 2,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards points that you redeem, you get a $25 credit on your card. That simple. This means the 10,000 point bonus is worth $100.

This is an improvement over AE or ThankYou because when I want to redeem points for a flight through them, I either have to have enough points to cover the entire flight or pay an abusive cash-for-points fee.

With the Ultimate Rewards program, though, even if a one-way flight is $124, I can just use the bonus to take $100 off it and then pay the rest when my bill comes at the end of the month.

You can use the credit for anything, by the way, not just travel. You could buy $100 of Spam and Pepsi if you wanted to (and who could blame you?), but it does pay to put your travel on the card because doing so gives the travel the following protections:

1. Reimbursement for travel if you have to cancel for reasons outside your control (this will also save you from buying cruise insurance). Super Sweet.
2. Free Auto Rental collision coverage (this will save you from buying collision coverage from the rental car company) Super Sweet.
3. Reimbursed meals and lodging if your trip is delayed more than 12 hours due to reasons outside your control. Pretty Sweet.
4. Reimbursement  of "essential items" you may have to buy if your checked bags are delayed by 18 hours or more. Somewhat Sweet.
5.  Coverage of carry-on or checked luggage that is lost or stolen. Super Duper Sweet.

Here it is again in case you're to lazy to scroll back up:

Check Out the Chase Sapphire at this Link.

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