Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to: Handwash Clothes

This was taught to me by my host mother when I was in Peace Corps, and I have two years of experience doing it.

1)  Fill up a sink/bucket/tub with hot water.

2)  Add soap.  As in actual soap.  I break bits off or just rub one piece of clothing over and over under the water until the water becomes whitish.

3)  Put your clothes into the water, and stir them around for a few minutes and then let them soak for 5-10 minutes.

4)  Get each piece of clothing and rub it against itself, pushing the cloth together between your knuckles and rubbing up and down.  You really only have to work the underarms and collars of your shirts and the butt and knees of your pants as these are the areas most likely to be dirty.

5)  Give a light wring to each piece and put them aside.

6)  Rinse out the sink/bucket/tub and fill it with cold water.

7) Dunk and wring each piece of clothing several times to get the soap out.

8)  Give one final, serious wring to each piece of clothing.  When you are done, no water should drip from it (my host mother used to hand me back clothes that I hadn't wrung out enough).

9)  Hang your clothing up.

10) If you are anywhere near a laundromat, or if your hostel has cheap laundry service, skip steps 1-9

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