Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to: Let People Can Call You for Free While You Are Traveling

Here is how you can be reached for free almost anywhere in the world:

1.  Take your iPhone or iPod Touch with you and make sure it has the free Skype App installed.
2.  OR have your netbook with you with Skype installed.
3.  OR get on the internet at your hostel if they have Skype installed.
4.  Get a SkypeIn number and give it to everyone you like or love or are trying to keep the sexual tension going with while you are on the road.
3.  People call you on your number and it's free for them (assuming they have nationwide calling) and free for you (other than the cost of getting the number).

That's right.  People call you when they want and can talk to you as long as they want anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Even if you aren't available when they call, they can leave a voicemail that you can check the next time you get online.

The service is not free for you (after all, you are getting a second phone number), but it is a relatively cheap way to let your mom hear your voice whenever she's worried sick because you're currently traipsing around the Australian Outback with a couple of Cambodian hookers and a kinky kangaroo.

It's $18 for 3 months or $60 for a year.  The nice thing is that if you already have one of Skype's unlimited subscriptions, you get 50% off.  Since the USA/Canada Unlimited subscription is $2.95/month, you can bring the total to $12 for a one month trip and that means mom can call you whenever she wants and you can call her whenever you want and (provided you're somewhere there is an internet connection) the two of you can talk as long as you want for $12/month.

Click Here to Learn More about SkypeIn

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