Monday, March 15, 2010

How to: Backup Your Passport Online

This is actually a simple bit of advice, but it seems to be little known because every time I mention it to someone, they kind of slap their heads and thank me.

You probably know that you should leave a copy of your passport with someone that you trust in case something goes wrong while you're on the road, but that is problematic because then you have to A) Get a hold of them (when you're likely not even in the same time zone as them) and B) Have them find a fax machine so that they can fax it to the embassy.

It's better is to give a copy of your passport to yourself.

1.  Scan your passport.
2.  Email the photo to yourself or store it online
3.  Access it from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Since every American embassy has internet, it means you can pull it up while you are there.  Simple, right?  But most people don't think to do it.

Also worth emailing to yourself and storing online (provided said storage place is secure):

1.  Credit card numbers (in case they get stolen)
2.  Travelers Checks numbers
3.  A passport photo (so you can print if you find a place that prints photos)

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