Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Passive Income: Hubpages

Hubpages is a website for articles about, well, everything.  Basically, you can write about anything you want (travel stories, advice about alien anal probes, how to breed fire ants) and post it.  You add keywords so that others can find your article (it also suggests keywords for you), and within a day it's showing up in Google searches.  Hubpages then tastefully surrounds your articles with Google Ads and you can get revenue one of two ways:

1.  You get 60% of the revenue for every time a Google Ad appears on your page.
2.  You get 100% of the revenue everytime someone clicks on one of your Google Ads.

There are also other ways for you to generate revenue for the site, including driving traffic towards other people's articles and recommending items on Amazon, which you'll get up to a 15% cut of if they buy it.

I'm just starting to work with the site, having my personal assistant upload columns that I wrote in college.  Yes, I have a personal assistant.  She lives in the Phillipines, she's awesome, and I pay her $0.66 an hour.  More on outsourcing your work in a later post.

The columns have already gotten several hundred views in a day, each of which generates me money.  From what I hear, having up 40 quality articles will generate you $40-50 a month.  Between my articles on this blog, my column and my travel stories, I should have several hundred articles posted, so we'll see what kind of revenue I might be able to get.

I'll update on Hubpages in a month and let you know how it's going, along with any tips or tricks I learn. 

You can sign up for Hubpages here: Sign up to Hubpages

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