Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deals: Discount Codes for

Couple of discount codes I found for

1. $10 off an order of $150.00 or more at WorldTraveler
Use coupon code AF0501 at checkout.

2.  10% off and Free Shipping on a $100 or more order of Luggage or Briefs
Use Code CJ10 at checkout

Briefs means Briefcases and not underwear.  Buy the way, if it did mean underwear and you did buy $100 worth of it, I'd ban you from my site.  No person ever needs either A) that much underwear or B) underwear that expensive.

Unless we're talking lingerie, in which case I'll unban you if you model it for me.  Ladies?

3.  WorldTraveler's Closeout and Discount Page (So You can Look for More Deals)

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