Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bonus Stacking: ThankYou Points

The ThankYou rewards program is used by both Citi and Expedia (the two might be part of the same company; I'm too lazy to find out) and can be found at: There are thousands of ways for you to redeem ThankYou points (including cruises and hotel rooms), but I always head straight for the airline tickets.

Using your points to buy tickets is easy compared to using frequent flyer miles, which have blackout dates and limited seats per flight.  With Thankyou, you do a flight search that's similar to the one Kayak uses and looks through all the major airlines.  If you find a flight to your liking, you buy it at a penny a point.

Have 25,000 points? You can buy a $250 ticket. That simple. Even if it won't buy you a round trip ticket, you can still get it one way and pay cash for the return flight.

Bonus offers for ThankYou Points change frequently, but I'll post some recent ones:

Citi Forward (6,500 points after $250 in purchases and signing up for paperless statements; 100 points a month)

Citi Checking Account (16,000 points for opening an account and qualifying activities)

22,500 points right there.  Enough to get me from New York to Orlando and back, which I've done every month since September, most of it for free.  :-) 

It pays to Google "Thank You Bonus Points" frequently.

Happy stacking.

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