Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Save Weight: You Need to Use Less Shaving Cream and Hair Care Than You Think

This was straight stolen from a Men's Health Article, but hopefully paraphrased beyond litigation.  Bring it, lawyers!

So, considering how much weight and space toiletries can take up in a travel pack, it was enlightening to read that, in general, we WAY OVERUSE our toiletry products.  Cutting back is not only healthier for your skin and hair, but means you can take less on your trip in the first place.

Here's the coin system of product measurement:

For shaving cream, you only need a quarter-sized portion of foamy face lube.  Of course, I recommend not using shaving cream at all.

For shampoo, you only need a nickle-sized portion of follicle soap,

For hair conditioner, you only need a penny-sized hunk of silky hair love

    For gel and other hair products, you only need a dime-sized dollop of tress bondage.

Travel light, travel far!

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