Sunday, May 2, 2010

Deals: Coupon for 20% off the FuelTank

Almost everyone and their mother (including my mother) has either a smart phone or an MP3 player these days, and it's hard to find a hostel that doesn't have half a dozen flashpackers bobbing their heads with their earbuds in.

Although I stopped taking my iPod on trips once I got my netbook, one of the biggest problems I remember was that I could only play one two hour movie before the battery was dead.  For an 8 hour bus trip where all the windows are drawn, chicken feathers are floating in the air and the karaoke is blaring, that's six hours too short.  I'd have brought along extra batteries except, well, Apple doesn't let you replace the battery.

So I'm assuming that's why Callpod came up with the FuelTank Uno Essentially it's an extra battery that plugs into an iPod or any one of "3,000+ devices" according to its website, but it happens to be a battery with four times the capacity of a normal battery, even though it only weights four ounces.  Technically, it'd even get me through a 10 hour bus ride.

If that sounds like it's for you, then now might be the time to get it, because Callpod is currently selling them for 20% off.  Use coupon LS2010.

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