Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deals: 20% Off BooksFree Membership

Hey!  Stop looking at the naked kid reading, you pedophile!  I put it there because, you know, this post is about reading, not for you to gawk at!

BooksFree is pretty much Netflix for books and audiobooks: you sign up for a plan and they ship you set number of books or CDs.  As you send them back, more are sent to you.

Why post about it on a travel blog?  Well, other than the fact that I am also reading naked on a toilet seat right now, it's also good for getting your hands on a lot of audiobooks.  Have BooksFree send you a dozen or so, rip them all to MP3, and you have something to keep you sane on the TransSiberian Railway (AKA sounds more fun than it actually is) or any other mind-numbingly long jaunt.

And since I don't believe in paying full price for anything, here's a coupon code for 20% off your membership:

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