Tuesday, June 1, 2010

$300 from Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank is offering a sort of a la carte bonus system at the moment.  It ends on June 30th.

Link: http://campaign.comerica.com/campaign/spring10

Notice: This promo is open only to new checking account customers.

You must open a new checking account (minimum $2,500) and add any of the following:

1.  $75 for Signing up for Bill Pay and Making 5 or More Bill Payments a Month for 6 Months
2.  $75 for getting a Comerica Check Card (free) and Making 5 or More Transactions With It for 6 Months
3.  $75 for setting up a direct deposit that deposits at least $150 a month
4.  $75 for opening up their Premiere ($5,000 minimum to avoid fees) or Platinum Circle Account ($50,000 minimum to avoid fees).  The account must stay open for six months.

It breaks down thusly:

1.  If you invest $2,500 for their free checking account and just do options 1-3, you earn $225, which works out as a 9% return on a six month investment.

2.  If you invest $5,000 to do all four options, you earn $300, which works out to a 6% return on a six month investment (although an extra $75 in your pocket).

The five bill payments and five check card transactions could be a little difficult to keep up with, but free money is free money...

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