Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deals: 30% off Lonely Planet Pick and Mix Chapters!

When I first started traveling, I voiced several times my wish that I could just buy only the sections of a guidebook that I needed instead of lugging the whole thing around.  It was suggested that I just razor out the parts I wouldn't need.  To me, though, cutting up a book felt sacrilegious.

And then the Lonely Planet gods (hey, I do hear people referring to their Lonely Planet as their "bible") answered my prayers with their "Pick and Mix Chapters".

Basically, you choose the chapters you want, pay and download the PDF files of that chapter.

At this point, lazy people just print the whole chapter.  My advice is to read through it and only print the pages you need.  For example, I never need the restaurant and accommodations pages because I usually book a hostel through HostelBookers by looking at the ratings and then eat at what every is in the area of the hostel, or whatever happens to be around when I get hungry.

By only printing the pages you need, you save a lot of weight (and can throw away pages on the road as you go from city to city).  I would say that this also saves trees, but I am guilty of photocopying the printed pages so that they are double sided, thereby cutting the amount of pages I have to carry in half.

Oh, and now that I am done expounding on guidebooks, how about I get around to the deal: 30% off Lonely Planet Pick&Mix Chapters!

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