Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deals: 25% off Gap Adventure Tours

What?  You didn't know that Gap did adventure travel?  Yeah, me neither.  Although I don't think this is Gap the store, but GAP, the "Great Adventure People".


They are currently running a 25% off special.  I've never been on one on of their tours, but I have been on tours with some other companies.  In general, I'm partial to not paying a company to guide me, as it allows for more freedom and interaction with locals, but the times I have signed up for a tour, I was usually given the following 3 things:

1) Lack of stress (someone else is doing all the planning and will take care of it if the bus engine blows up)
2) Access (tour companies negotiate to do things that a lone traveler can't)
3) Women (groups are usually age-similar and, well, you're going to be with the same group for a week or more; plenty of time for game)

If it is an arm of the Gap store, maybe all the women will be in black and white.  Although you may be competing with Gap men with perfect six packs.  Dammit.

Click Here: More Information on Gap Adventure Tours and 25% Off Your Tour

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